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August New Jersey Sales

The booming U.S. housing market has spilled over to the rental market, which has  seen demand for apartment and single-family rentals skyrocket this year, as high sales prices and an inadequate supply of available housing have forced many prospective buyers to rent...

A Short Glossary of Title Terms 

Here are some key terms specifically used when dealing with property title:  •Deed: A formal written document that transfers a title to a new owner and serves as proof of ownership. Although often used interchangeably with “title,” the term “deed” refers to a physical...

Philadelphia Has Title Problems

Philadelphia Has Big Title Issues A Pew Research Study reported that there were a significant number of homes that were prone to falling into disrepair and even becoming abandoned because of tangled titles. The importance of title concerns the city officials because a...

Winning the War Against Ants Part 2

Going on the Offense Sprinkle the earth around your house with diatomaceous earth. This spread is comprised of organisms from among these aquatic creatures called diatoms. What makes this spread so deadly is that when ants or any insects cross it, it ends up killing...

Winning the War Against Ants Part 1

Ant-a-lytics This is something that we should all store away because ultimately we will all end up having to use this information. When ants show up, it is usually going to involve a campaign to get rid of them. They just don't show up; they come as a result of the...

2 Decades Later – Still They Are Never Forgotten

September 11th is one of those days of the calendar that has been forever ascribed to those who died at the hands of radical extremists - nearly 3,000 people died in those airplane attacks 20 years ago. It is now designated as Patriot Day, where Americans and other...

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