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Affordability and Scarcity

Affordability is the new real estate buzzword. The last two years the inventory shortage that has impacted the market has ultimately driven prices over the last 30 months to hit all-time highs. In addition to making it somewhat lucrative for sellers of homes, the rise...

Inflation Fighting Ideas for Staging

Inflation is here, but in the real estate market, inflation hurts the population of people looking to buy their first house. The inflation is also hurting buyers through the rise in mortgage rates, which have doubled over the last 12 months. So while the cost of the...

Home Office Space that Sells a House

One of the reasons the residential real estate market took-off like it did during the pandemic is because there was a rediscovery of the spaces and the services that once made suburbs so attractive were rediscovered. The commuter culture evaporated, and the...

Tips on Buying Your First Home

How much house can you afford? Searching for your first home purchase is probably very long on the list when it comes to making sure your deal closes. Number one financial factor: before you think about buying your first house, you have to know your house buying...

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