Those people who are looking to get back to normal, we haven’t been normal for the last two-and-a-half years. But the kind of abnormal we’ve been in has been the most dynamic, strongest real estate market probably in modern history. Between the historical low interest rates, the huge buyer demand, the inventory shortage, we also have had the benefit of many digital platforms, which made marketing properties easier than ever. But now that interest rates have crossed the 6% line, the normal that had been for the last 30 months is no longer here. Moving forward, we have to adjust the way we go about doing our business. We have to be more intentional and relational. Clarity. Consistency. Continuity. The fact that no one knows exactly how this is economic season is going to look is not problematic; it simply makes those who are prepared for the new market possess a competitive advantage. LinkedIn is going to take on a greater role in everyone’s business.

You may want to update your headshot on LinkedIn, especially if you haven’t changed it in the last 10 years, or more.

Profile Details
Also you may want to include in your profile the number of sales, and the amount of time your listing spent on the market. The speed of every transaction has become one of the strongest selling points for real estate agents.

You may want to go about requesting some updated recommendations from your clients and associates. Most business people have been so busy doing business that they haven’t maintained their LinkedIn view complete with references and recommendations. A quick suggestion is don’t make your profile all about you; you may want to give people something that they identify with, such as client confidence, access, and the number of sales that were above asking price.

Start connecting with those individuals have geographic proximity to your farm of business. Don’t just connect to other real estate agents.

Avoid Politics
Partisan, opinionated culture. Politics is not going to earn you any more business. It may actually cause you to lose some connections and friends.

Share Other People’s Posts
Someone puts up a post that you find valuable and useful. Share it. One of the best ways to reinforce relationships is by sharing other people’s content. Videos, If you’re willing to make the investment, are a great way to garner the attention of your audience. If you are camera friendly, videos are a great way to position yourself as an expert in the areas you’re looking to establish yourself within.


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