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How to Get Rid of Stuff 

Finally – Getting Rid of the Stuff
Salvation Army and Goodwill don’t take everything! So you don’t want to stretch out the process.

 ■ Decide Not to Delay
 ■ Start
 ■ Plan
 ■ Take inventory
 ■ Schedule
 ■ Attack
 ■ Get help

Thinking About the Future
You may not need a dinner service for 12 – but 4-6!

To properly deal with the mound of stuff, you will have to:
 ■ Deal with sentiment
 ■ Understand the difference between function and history [story]

Moving into the future means dealing with your past.

The Pandemic Downsizing Market
In the midst of the pandemic, people will be less apt to be ‘shopping around.’

The Next Generation
Kids don’t want their stuff.
They don’t want your stuff.

Heirloom Today: Gone Tomorrow 
Believe it or not, dining room tables, chairs, armoires and such furniture are not the designs of today’s open concept generation.

Antiques Roadshow is on the road and it ain’t coming back. The reason for this is that our culture has moved from a craft culture to a tech culture.

Tips for decluttering:
1. Everything has a story: not all stories sell.
2. Schedule your give-aways. Giving stuff away takes time and logistics. It isn’t going to just happen. People have to want it, come over, take it and in the meantime you have to hold it.
3. Selling the key items will take time. You will have to spend time researching the value of items, and just how much demand there is for them.
4. Jewelry appraisals. Definitely worth the time.
5. Flea markets and consignment shops. If you want to go through the effort.
6. Keeping true to the mission. Don’t confuse your mission – to become free and clear.
7. Remember at this time, there are 2 generations decluttering: the Greatest Generation and the Boomers.

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