Houses, Queens, New York City, Real-Estate, Brick HouseJust a few weeks to Thanksgiving. Once the cold weather hits, it will feel like the entire neighborhood goes into hibernation mode.

One of the things you can do to ensure connectivity with your neighbors, and this is assuming that you have a good relationship, is to create a neighborhood contact sheet.

Some people are great at remembering names. Other people can never seem to remember a person’s name after they just met them. Well, there are tools out there and ways to get around such things.

I did some searching around and came up with a neighborhood contact sheet that can be used to keep track of neighbors, their names, their phone numbers, their email addresses, and any other significant dates that would be appropriate.

One of the great things about remembering someone’s name is it makes them feel remembered, and everybody wants to feel that you remember them.

One of the great features of the contact sheet is the section for notes. Notes allows you to put in relevant information such as birthdays, job changes, anniversaries, and even neighborhood holidays that are important.

The contact sheet is also a great help when sending out holiday cards, so that you can write into the actual card the specifics that make it personal.

So as we enter this new season and this new time that we’ve never experienced before, having the names of your neighbors right in front of you will bring everyone closer together.

Another very cool aspect of the contact sheet is that once the winter weather hits and you have to plan your excursions to the store, if some of your older Neighbors may have some difficulty doing that, you can offer to pick up some items for them. It’s just a great tool to keep everybody together.

Click Here to Download Your Neighborhood Contact Sheet

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