Just when you thought it couldn’t get weirder, homeowners in Toms River may have to pay an average of $116 more a year in their property taxes. The increase is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This represents an increase of 7% from 63.9 cents to 68.1 cents. blue and red coral reef

This increase is being proposed due to the anticipated loss in municipal tax revenues for 2020.

What is ironic is that a public hearing on this budget increase is scheduled for April 28th at 6 pm. At this point the scheduled meeting might not even happen if social distancing protocols are still in effect, restricting the number of people gathering together. The entire Toms River Council was in agreement for this budget except for one member.

So as people’s incomes drop due to the pandemic, including loss of jobs and loss of other revenue streams, the local government is looking to make taxpayers pay even more.

As of now the Township building, beaches and recreation areas are all closed. Even the Township golf course, senior center and boardwalks are also closed.