The 24/7 digital culture of connectivity isn’t the problem; it is overload of too much data frying our brains. This is why everyone needs a strategy to combat Digital Burnout Syndrome [DBS].

Our bodies and our minds were never designed to withstand a never-ending cycle of stimulation. DBS occurs most often to people who are highly committed to their work.
Before you can beat DBS, you have to recognize it. Anyone with with a smart phone and a laptop needs to have their own DBS strategy in place. Here are some of the signs that you are suffering from DBS:
  • Do you find your capacity to handle distractions, delays, and disappointments is very slim?
  • Are you having a difficult time waking up and going to sleep?
  • Are you failing to plan your week and make time for your weekend recreational events?
  • Are you experiencing longer and longer periods of deep disillusionment?
If you said yes to two or more, you are most likely suffering from DBS. Here are some ways you can avoid burning out:
Rest: Taking time to intentionally unplug from the constant flow of data is critical.
Stick to a Schedule: Have a schedule. Create that schedule earlier in the morning. Now this might appear to be counter-productive, but one way to achieve this is by setting an earlier bedtime. Rising early is one hack that gets you focused on the high priorities of the day, before the onslaught of the urgent.
Exercise: Definitely begin exercising, and understand that when you exercise, you are going to be taking time away from something. Make exercising a value, not part of your job. If your body isn’t cooperating with what you need to get done, everything collapses.
Practices: Develop other stress management practices: less coffee, less sugar, less alcohol, and fewer late nights. One tip is to even begin a stress diary to  document what routinely causes you stress.
Deep Breathing: Breathing deeply releases stress. We forget to breathe, and that builds up over the hours in a day. Stop, breathe deeply and refocus on your true morning priorities.