Slashing Your Energy Costs This Summer

Considering that summer is less than 60 days away, we can actually take some steps now to cut back on the cost of energy the summer.

Small and medium-sized businesses are those that can best benefit from taking certain steps now to cut back on costs.

According to an article in Entrepreneur magazine, approximately 10% of small business owners rank energy cost as their single greatest overhead cost. This is taking into consideration salaries, materials, and other costs within an organization.

In addition to the 10% of business owners that feel energy comprises their biggest cost, another 25% of businesses feel that energy is their second to third largest business cost.

Some ideas are:
  • Energy-efficient thermostats
  • Insulation
  • Energy-efficient appliances
  • Switch to LED light bulbs
  • Install high-efficiency products and appliances
  • Change business hours to accommodate high temperatures
  • Tap into utility incentives


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