11 Essential Elements for an Email Signature

What should you include in an email signature? There are plenty of pieces of information you can choose from. Scan this list and decide which ones are best for you and your situation.

1. Your full name

Use your professional name, but also make sure that if people call you Jimmy, include that as well.

2. Include your title, and any professional designations. Also awards like New Jersey Circle of Excellence.

3. Address/Website

You can include your street address, but your website is even better.

4. Telephone number

Make sure you include your numbers, designating with an O for office and M for mobile.

5. Social media links

If you maintain a social media presence, use the social media icons.

6. A headshot 

Your headshot will say more about you than most other information. It puts a face on the name and that can make all the difference in the world.

7. Your business logo

The logo will establish a neuro-connection between you, what you do and what business you are in.

8. Your YouTube channel

If you have a YouTube channel, feel free to put it into your signature. Here is a great example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6ABdqE0QB8 

9. Your LinkedIn

LinkedIn is different from Facebook, Twitter and other platforms in that it is all about presenting a business profile. On LinkedIn you can post articles, which can give people a deeper insight into what you know and how you go about doing it.

10. Engage

In your email signature you can also drop in a question, but make sure it is not the same question all the time. You can have it link to a landing page where they can get a FREE tip sheet.

11. Booking links

If you don’t have a booking link on your signature you are missing out. Include a Calendly link that goes to your booking calendar.


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