Tips for Using LinkedIn to Build Your 2022 Network – Your Future Lies in the People You Know
2022 is around the corner. Possibly the first place you should begin your own business development is on LinkedIn. Your LinkedIn may not drive raw leads into your inbox but should someone come upon your website and then check out your profile, it may be the trigger that makes them reach out to you.
A picture is worth a thousand words, and so your headshot is your chance to say what you want without words. Your headshot will communicate trust, credibility, reliability and more. Make sure you are looking at the camera and are smiling.
LinkedIn Profile Description
Also in your description, make sure you are speaking to people, not at them, and definitely not selling them before you even get to know them.
Give Them a Reason
In your profile, give people a reason to connect with you. What is the benefit that you might offer through connecting?
A Case Study
I recently received this invitation on LinkedIn and thought, this guy is good. No pressure. One of the smart things that he did was use my name in the invitation.
Hi Anthony, saw we had some mutual connections and that you are entrepreneurial minded. Would love to connect!
Scott Hedrick Helping clients find personal fulfillment and financial success thru franchising. #franchise#beyourownboss#franchiseconsultant#entrepreneur#careermanagment
Orlando, Florida, United States
Look at Scott’s description, he doesn’t throw around any titles, or jargon like New Business Development – Ugggh!
NO! Scott tells you what he can do for you: fulfillment, success through franchising. Simple. To the point!
Also note his use of hash tags: #franchiseconsultant#entrepreneur#careermanagment.
Finally – Location
When it comes to business, people prefer dealing with people that they might know locally. Scott puts in his geographic area that he does most of his business, sparking the possibility of meeting with him if you are close by!