silhouette of person at night timeI keep on telling clients, Email is your most reliable source of maintaining contact with your network and with your prospects. All of a sudden Instagram and Facebook go down. And now 60% up all real estate agents are trying to figure out what do we do now? There are other choices, but still email is your most dependable and controllable platform for getting your message out to your people.

Instead of panicking, begin today to plan for tomorrow’s disruptions. Your email list will be your most reliable platform in the event that Facebook, Instagram and the others platforms get hacked again.
So here is what you should do:
1. Get an email out to your top 50 referral sources.
2. Make sure that your LinkedIn account is functioning and start getting the word out if you have open houses coming up. 
3. Depending upon how long it lasts, don’t overlook lawn signs. 
4. Put out a free press release containing your listings on a service  (contact me and I will tell you which one I use.)
5. Hit your YouTube with your listings and your Executive Background Summary. 

It’s Not Just Social Media
I got a call from my back the other day telling me they were changing the terms of the account. They want me to keep more money in the account. Without paying me interest.

Change and disruption are going to be the standard operating procedure for business moving forward. And since we were lie so much upon digital platforms, the ones that you control, the ones that you own will ultimately be the ones that you will come to rely upon more and more.

Remember AOL? Remember Netscape?So what will stop Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp from completely changing their terms of service? Nothing! They own their platform and don’t owe you anything. You can’t even sue them.

Businesses today must remain as agile as possible. They need to own they’re hosting to the degree that they can. Remember what Amazon did when it didn’t like one of their customers and gave them twenty-four to move their entire platform to another provider? We have to be cautious about the continuity factors that could potentially disrupt the way we work and do business.

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