Learn all there is to know about this endangered species. They offer guided educational wolf tours of the preserve called a Wolf Watch. Once again, the howling of wolves echo through the mountains of the Delaware Water Gap in Knowlton Township, Warren County, NJ. Photo opportunities of a lifetime and the experience of watching and listening to packs of British Columbian, Timber, and Arctic wolves will be yours. View wolves here in the East in a natural surrounding for the first time in over a century. Bobcat, lynx, and foxes also reside at the preserve.

Explore and learn about some of the world’s most amazing animals through our educational Wolf Watch tours. Upon arrival you can enjoy either a scenic 1/2 mile nature walk from the parking area to the preserve or we have a shuttle bus that can drive you there. Once you are at the preserve you will be invited into the observation area in the center of the preserve. You will be surrounded by 4 different packs of wolves.