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Vacations Are Good for the Bottom Line

No one is able to operate at 100% capacity 100% of the time. That’s why taking a break from the office becomes not only a good mental health decision but also has an impact on the practice’s bottom line. A recent study showed that the amount of paid time off taken by U.S. workers declined from 20 days in 2000 to 16 days in 2013. This trend is getting even worse. American workers average five unused days of paid time off per year. The longer hours has been linked to poorer health and can result in sleeplessness, increases in the consumption of alcohol, and a spike in depression.

The fact is that the real estate business has never been hotter in the last 25 years, maybe the hottest it’s ever been, but that doesn’t excuse not taking time off to recharge the batteries. 

Taking time off makes a lot of business sense, especially when you consider the statistics that nearly three-quarters of legal professionals have experienced a negative impact on their mental health and two-thirds reported having elevated levels of anxiety. 

1.) On-boarding Clients: COVID-19 has made virtual functioning a more commonplace experience. Many of the client intake processes have been automated, making this not as time-consuming as it had been in the past.

2.) The Right Time: Picking the right time is always an important factor. A lot of deals traditionally don’t occur around the big holiday weekends.

3.) Certain Weeks: This year more than ever the holidays may be an ideal time to sneak away for a week or so.

4.) Blocking off time does not mean you will be out of touch, but it will call for having a system and procedures with protocol. 

5.) Communicate to Your Clients: Contacting clients and vendors about your vacation is also very important. Make sure that your answering service is able to take the calls when they come in, and hopefully an associate can screen them for you.

6.) Back-up Coverage: Make sure another associate attorney is covering for you while away.

7.) Availability: Also, advise your key clients about certain times when you will be available in the event they need to contact you.

8.) Vacation Responder: Set up your email box with a vacation notice indicating when you will return, what they should do in an emergency and who they should contact.


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