This is Part Two of a transcript of podcast done with Marita DeCarlo, from ADK Realty based in Toms River, New Jersey and Anthony DiMaio, author and real estate blogger.

MD: You’re always looking for the right property, but, you know, those two properties, like I said, are in an adult community. They’re also cash-only deals because they’re priced so low. But they’re also for those people who are looking to downsize. And some people, who are actually first-time buyers, may consider it to be a great little investment. And, you know, they’re not bad deals, because they’re like a co-op. You know, they take care of the roof and the siding of the house and do some internal things too, so the associations that you’re working with or living in will take care of those things. So that’s a big plus for people who are on limited incomes, which helps them out a lot.
AD: Fantastic.
MD: Yes. And then another listing that I have on the market is again another one in an adult community, but a standalone house, which is more on the higher end. We put it on the market for $269,000 and got within one day six offers ranging from $285,000 to $295,000.
AD: Wow. Now, I’m going to assume that, were they, was that also all-cash offers on that one?
MD: Well, those didn’t have to be. Those could have been mortgage or cash. But three of the offers were all cash and three were mortgage.
AD: Oh wow. Okay, great, great. And so this is—
MD: A lot of people are selling. Yeah, a lot of people are selling to buy. They’re selling up north or in the City or somewhere where taxes are really high, and even so, you know, the market is pricier up there, so they’re still walking away with money in their pocket by purchasing down here, and then having a lower overhead costs. Plus, in the adult community your taxes are a little lower than regular residential. But even outside of the adult community, the taxes are a little lower than up north in the busier areas of Jersey.
AD: What areas do you cover, Marita?
MD: Well, I cover the entire state, but I do have family and friends who live up north, and I am helping them out where I can. So sometimes I will help them out in North Jersey as well. But I generally cover Central and South Jersey.
AD: So you, in general cover Ocean and Monmouth County, correct?
MD: Correct.
AD: And how long have you been a real estate agent?
MD: Actually, only since 2018. I was in sales up north with a major company. When we decided to move down South Jersey in 2018. I just was bored and decided I’m going into real estate.
AD: Wow. Well, that’s great. This is all good information. So if someone wants to reach you, would you be kind enough to give them your mobile number?
MD: Absolutely. It’s 201-705-3017.
AD: That’s great. Well, this is Marita DeCarlo. She works for ADK Realty, based out of Toms River but she covers all of New Jersey. I’ve known Marita for at least three years, and she’s a wonderful, wonderful Realtor. So Marita, thank you so much for being able to jump on this call. I know you’re very busy down there getting closings done. So I look forward to speaking to you again soon. And for anybody who’s listening, please contact Marita if you want to know a little bit more about downsizing and great bargains in Jersey. Thank you so much.
MD: Thank you, Anthony.

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