The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people within the real estate industry to learn new platforms and technologies. The positive side of this health scourge has been the education that has resulted in preparing today’s real estate agents, attorneys and loan officers into become comfortable with technologies that will be necessary in the coming years.
The coming surge of new buyers into the real estate market will most likely be comprised of Millennials who for a number of reasons have been slow to become homeowners.
Millennials have for years taken advantage of many of the available digital platforms that prior generations have been slow to adopt.
1.    Restart: The Accidental Pandemic. There was nothing you could do to anticipate what has impacted the market. But what you can do is not drink the poison of pessimism. Whenever you hold onto a toxic situation, there’s no upside potential. Simply move on. Perhaps one of the best words in the English language to characterize this next season is the word NEXT!
You are not denying that the pandemic took place; you are simply deciding to welcome the new opportunities instead of chaining yourself to the past. Be grateful you can begin again. Some weren’t given that chance.
2.    New Rules: As if you didn’t know it… there’s a new playbook. Don’t go back to work doing the same thing and expecting the same results. Not! Playbooks do change, but people don’t always change with them. Rewire your thinking. Update and repeat. There is going to be some learning involved, and some updated rules. Remind yourself that what you are learning will empower your earning.
3.    Fear Freeze: What fears froze you in the past you will melt-away with the passion and commitment to change. Most of the time we have been standing in our own way. Leap over the uncertainties and excuses. A good way to move beyond fear freeze is to make a list of what is getting in your way. By writing your fears down you expose them, no longer hiding in the shadows of insecurity. And if you don’t know how to get around it, ask someone who does. Successful people know how to ask for help.

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