Counsellors Title has been monitoring the current information cycles coming from both the CDC and New Jersey’s Department of Health for the past few weeks seeking to follow all the recommended protocols and safety measures recommended and required to minimize exposure and the spread of COVID-19.  As part of this function, we are committed to informing our business associates, employees and clients of the actions taken and implemented in order to be proactive with protecting the health and safety of all. These actions include:
* We are cleaning and disinfecting our offices between each closing. 
* All Counsellors employees and guests are wiping down and disinfecting all desks, tables, knobs and handles. 
* We have instituted the single-use pen policy and are asking all clients to take the pen used at closing and bring it home following the closing. 
* Counsellors will only allow the attorney, home buyers and our title closer into the closing conference room at the time of closing for everyone’s safety. 
* Counsellors is requesting that all loan officers and real estate professionals sit in our lobby or arrive towards the end of closing to pick up any necessary documents. 
* We are asking our sales team either to limit or avoid all travel outside the office to visit clients. 
* We are following the social distancing guidelines by avoiding handshakes, hugs, or other forms of personal contact. 
* Our team members are now required to exercise extreme caution when evaluating their own personal health and will have staff go home if they are not feeling 100%. 
* Counsellors is asking that if you are not feeling well, to please remain home. However in the effort to exercise an abundance of caution, we want to make sure everyone is healthy, we will conduct a closing via FaceTime or other video conferencing platform. 
* Counsellors is requesting that you frequently wash your hands with soap and water for more than 20 seconds prior to arriving to our office.

Ralph Aponte, President
Counsellors Title Agency,, founded in 1996, is one of New Jersey’s most respected title agencies, serving all 21 New Jersey counties with title insurance, clearing title, escrow, tidelands searches, and closing and settlement services for commercial or industrial properties, waterfront properties and marinas, condominiums, townhouses or residential single family homes. Counsellors Title also features its own Attorney Settlement Assistance Program™ [ASAP], which is an individual resource customized to fit the needs specifically of real estate attorneys, including, Documentation, Preparation, Disbursement of Funds, Attendance at Closing, HUD Preparation or Post-Closing Matters.