The key to a successful move is to plan well ahead. Once you’ve identified your move date, use this checklist to help make your move as smooth as possible.

8 Weeks Before the Move
■ If moving yourself, get estimates for a moving truck and make a reservation.
■ If using a moving company, hire one with good references. It should be licensed/bonded and
have workers’ compensation insurance. Ask about discounts, get estimates in writing and
make a reservation. If using movers to pack, schedule at least two days before the move.
■ Create a file for receipts and important information needed during the move

7 Weeks Before the Move
■ Gather copies of legal, medical, dental, financial and pet immunization records for your move file.
Arrange to transfer school and veterinarian records.
■ Contact health clubs and organizations to cancel or transfer memberships.

6 Weeks Before the Move
■ Begin purging your home. Decide what to keep, discard, sell or donate.
■ Plan a garage sale.
■ Use up household products you don’t want to move.