“Most people live in a restricted circle of potential.” William James

In Forbes Magazine, Margie Warrell writes, “The reason that so many people never fulfill their potential is not a lack of intelligence, opportunity or resources, but a lack of belief in themselves. Or put another way, too little self-confidence.”

Confidence is something we all need in massive doses, on a daily basis. In a disruptive economy, confidence is the rudder that keeps the ship sailing straight ahead.

One of the ways to increase our levels of confidence is by intentionally listening to podcasts. Here are some that are exceptional.

Podcasts for Confidence
• Lewis Howes Show: The School of Greatness – https://lewishowes.com/blog/
• Tim Ferriss Show: The Tim Ferriss Show – https://tim.blog/podcast/
• Gary Vaynerchuk Show: The #AskGaryVee Show – https://www.garyvaynerchuk.com/podcast/
• Seth Godin  – https://www.akimbo.link/