Real Estate Tips for the Pre-Move

Most individuals know at least six months to a year before the day that they are planning to sell their home and move. Hand Truck, Hand Trolley, Steekkar, Box

Moving is perhaps one of the most organizationally demanding events a person will have to manage.

There are so many moving parts, which include the shipment of physical items, transitional documentation to the new location, and the organization of the legal papers that must be prepared in a property transaction.

Six months before your move, you should do a purge of all those items you will not be taking.

You will then need to get estimates for a moving truck, which will require a reservation.

Make sure you vet the movers that you hire. There are many bad stories from individuals who have not done their due diligence in this area.

Hire a mover with good references, which includes licensed, bonded and workers’ compensation insurance.

Create a separate file for the movers with receipts, a separate file for utilities for the old location and the new location.

Contact any clubs or organizations with memberships to be cancelled.

Then also compile an official to-do list with scheduled times to complete each task.