The Memorial Day weekend was a blast in more ways than one.

The first point to be recognized is that the weather totally cooperated. Plenty of sunshine and people came out in droves.

Many municipalities are reporting great beach badge revenues for the Memorial Day weekend.

According to an article in The Coaster, Asbury Park collected $250,000 during this three-day period.

Bradley Beach’s badge sales for the three days soared by 329% from the same period in 2018, climbing to over $64,000 from just over $15,000 for 2018.

In addition, Bradley Beach held its 3-day Memorial Day Festival, which brought crowds to the town from all over the tri-state area.

The beaches weren’t the only things that were packed; golf courses were jammed all over Monmouth County.

It seems that the economy is clearly having an impact on spending and tourism revenues.

Many B&B’s and resort accommodations are already booked for the summer.

The restaurants along the waterfront are doing very well. Two such restaurants in Avon-By-The-Sea had incredible crowds and patrons coming out: The Columns and The Pavilion.