One of those hot items that seems to attract buyers to a home is shiplap. According to some online blogs, the big box home improvement stores including Home Depot and Lowe’s, did not carry shiplap, but this is no longer the case. I found shiplap in Home Depot and Lowe’s. Related image

Shiplap doesn’t have just plain old tongue-and-groove boards but actually they have “V” grooves.

In general, it used to be that only local lumberyards carried it. No more. One of the identifying characteristics of authentic shiplap is the grooves or the “rabbets” on each board. The overlap provides a tight weather-resistant quality to the material.

Another feature about shiplap is that it can be painted. Many times the shiplap that we see used on TV decorating shows is white or grey, but it can be painted green, blue or anything that you think might look well with a room.

Shiplap goes into any room you want to use it, including the bathroom. If you’re using it in the bathroom, make sure that you’re taking the extra steps to ensure that the planks are moisture resistant.

One of the interesting uses of shiplap is that it can be used as a headboard for your bed. It provides a rustic refined look that gives a current decor a trendy, slick look to your bedroom.

In some cases, shiplap can be used in the hallway to give that rustic authentic feel to your home.

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