Most people move approximately 10 to 15 times in their life but they will only purchase three homes typically, excluding investment purposes.

The closing of any home purchase is a very important event in the lives of the individuals, both sellers and buyers.

Based on some cursory research we found that, basically, most people will purchase three homes during the course of their lifetimes: a starter home, a grow-your-family home and a retirement home, all of which play a different role and function, yet all three are very important.

As a real estate agent, if you are successful in helping the first-time buyer find their first home, the quality of the experience and the level of trust that has been established will consummate at the closing. That individual will remember how the process ended and hopefully will come back to you when they are looking for a second home to upgrade.

The attire that is worn at a closing also reflects well on those who are present: the attorney, the Realtors, the title company, as well as the buyers and sellers.
That is why it’s important that you not only serve the interests of the client but you are setting the stage for their next move.
So since the average person purchases three homes during the course of their lives, the attention you give to your attire should reflect the attention you gave during the entire process.
So here are some good standard rules when it comes to attire to be worn at a closing:
First, dress for the occasion. Formal business attire is always the standard to go by. Business casual implies that the transaction that you have brought about is almost accidental.
For men, business attire translates into business slacks, a dress shirt and a sport coat or even a suit. Ties are also in order here.
For women, clearly a dress skirt or dress slacks are appropriate, not too much jewelry and make-up.
Remember that your clients represent your referral funnel, so treat them with the respect and the appreciation that you would any business relationship.
Some quick stats on how often Americans move.
According to a Gallup poll in 2013, Americans move every five years.
Another stat provided by fivethirtyeight, states that the average American will move 11.4 times in their lives.
Americans, compared to Europeans, are highly mobile; the average European will move only four times in their entire lifetime.