Right now there are about 47 Jersey Shore Beaches that have water quality advisories.

Life Guard Chair Avon By the Sea

You know when they say when it rains it pours, well this is having an impact will this rain upon the famous beaches that New Jersey is known for.

Each year for the spring through the fall New Jersey Shore lines are tested on a regular basis for bacteria levels. If the beaches tested come back with high bacteria standards, they could actually be closed. The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection is the government group that does such testing. Most of the time what a levels are very safe but when they’re high levels of rainfall and excessive numbers of birds congregating and defecating along the shoreline, it creates you are problems and we can imagine.

This bacteria is the byproduct of both human and animal feces. The symptoms and effects of this bacteria can cause vomiting rash and flu-like symptoms.

Right now girl advisories in Atlantic County Cape May Monmouth and ocean counties.

Even the usually high and beaches of Monmouth County such as deal Rock Harbor Long Branch and Spring Lake have turned up with high levels a bacteria.
The report also cites at least 9 Atlantic City beaches and three Cape May beaches along with Wildwood and Wildwood Crest beaches included.