Thinking About Selling? Think Fast

Well, actually, Zillow has done some of the thinking for you, so to speak.

It recently reported that, “Nationwide, the best two-week window for home sellers is the first half of May – U.S. homes listed in the May 1-15 period generally sell almost two weeks faster than the average listing in the year, and command a final price of $2,400 more, on average, than listing at other times. The first half of May was the best time to list in 14 of the 24 large markets.”

Even by today’s standards, that’s real money!

What is funny is that the New York/New Jersey region bucks this trend, somewhat, by about two weeks: April 16-30.

The Zillow report stated that, “The start to the 2018 spring selling season has been characterized by an acute shortage of homes for sale, meaning a large number of home shoppers will likely be unable to find the right home to buy in the early weeks of spring. As they linger later into the season, these buyers may end up spending more than they intended as they get wrapped up in competition and/or rush to conclude a deal before the summer months. This means late-spring listers can capture these perhaps frustrated buyers more quickly, and earn an additional premium.”

“Finally, listing later in the spring isn’t the only late advice worth taking – in a majority of markets, putting your home on the market at the end of the week or on the weekend is the best bet in order to maximize the number of times a home is viewed on Zillow in the first few days of listing. According to earlier research, the largest number of home shoppers will see a given listing within its first week on the market, and it’s important to capture that early interest as quickly as possible in order to boost the chances of a quicker sale.”

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