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By our very name, Counsellors Title emphasizes its bedrock commitment to real estate attorneys. We consider ourselves an extension of every attorney’s office with whom we work. From residential closings to the most complicated commercial real estate transactions, Counsellors Title brings its years of expertise and professionalism to every transaction. Speedy execution is what Counsellors Title’s goal is to insure: for attorneys especially, since so much of the transaction depends upon the documentation which every attorney knows sits at the heart of the transactions. We help to coordinate the closing with all parties involved.

New Jersey Title-Related Services

     Attorney Services

  • Real estate document preparation
  • Online document management
  • Typically able to provide a title commitment in 24 hours
  • Web-based title delivery system
  • Interpretation services
  • Flood certification
  • 1099 reporting
  • Reconveyances
  • Recordings
  • See in real time the status of searches ordered – from submission to completion
  • Monitor up-to-the-minute questions or items affecting title issues and the moment they are resolved
  • Complete review of closed transactions
  • Instant upload, download, email and view of all documentation, surveys, commitments, attachments, back title and policies
  • Instant creation of customized legal documents and forms 

For more information about the Attorney services provided by Counsellors Title, the ASAP [Attorney Settlement Assistance Program] please call our home office: 732-914-1400 or email us at info@counsellorstitle.com

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