Spring Cleaning Calls for a Strategy

Believe It or Not
There is a methodology for decluttering and clearing out your house of unwanted or unneeded clutter. Green and White Press Drill on Table

One of the methodologies for accomplishing this is called the KonMari system. The KonMari method is a step-by-step system for decluttering and cleaning out your home, as created by Marie Kondo.

One of the secrets to this method is to organize your decluttering campaign into five distinct categories:
1 Clothing
2 Books
3 Papers
4 Miscellaneous (which includes DVDs, pantry spices, picture frames, sheets)
5 Sentimental items

The clothing category is further broken into sub-sections such as jackets, tops, bottoms, pajamas, handbags, belts, shoes, hats, socks, underwear, jewelry and such.

The book category includes cookbooks, magazines, kids’ books, reference materials, textbooks and phone books (do you still have those????).

The paper category includes coupons, taxes, files, warranties, greeting cards, wrapping paper, checkbooks, lecture notes and such.

The miscellaneous category includes kitchenware that you no longer use, utensils, cups, mugs, picture frames, sheets, tools, pots and pans, yard tools, soaps, makeup, lamps and such.

The sentimental category includes photo albums, journals, diaries, memorabilia, trophies, personal letters.

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