Amazon Continues to Disrupt Industries

What has proven to be the typical trend within business today is that a small business may decide to come together on a partnership basis with Amazon, and then within time, Amazon then decides it’s going to buy that business and make it part of its jungle of businesses.

Last week TRI Pointe Group, which is described as a family of home builders, indicated that it received and partnered with Amazon to begin constructing new smart homes. Attention should be given to the kind of homes that will now be built: Smart Homes. Amazon is not only looking to be your first source of retail products but it also appears to be looking to impose its artificial intelligent technology into your home. Amazon wants to be living in the kitchens, living rooms, play rooms, and bedrooms of every American.

TRI Pointe Group is a home builder which operates a number of different brands across a number of different states. Those states include Arizona, Nevada, Washington, Texas, Colorado, Maryland and Virginia. TRI Pointe Group will now begin to offer home buyers these Smart Homes featuring Amazon Alexa, which will include:
■ Home activation appointment with an Amazon expert
■ Echo, Echo Show, Echo Spot, Echo Dot or Fire TV
■ Lutron Smart Switches
■ Honeywell Lyric 2 Smart Thermostat
■ Ring Video Doorbell Pro

And another half-dozen other technology and features.

This is the second time Amazon has sought to partner with a home builder. The first time it did so was with Seattle-based Quadrant Homes in April of 2018.

An amazing metric is that according to Statista, a portal that collects statistics and studies from more than 22,000 sources, about 32% of US homes will be smart homes by the end of 2018. That figure is expected to rise significantly and hit over 53% yt the year 2022.

In addition to its relationship with TRI Pointe Group, Amazon announced earlier this year that it was working with Lennar, the nation’s largest home builder, to provide Amazon experience centers. These centers are high-tech artificial intelligence showrooms for all of Amazon’s smart-home products.

It appears that Amazon is seriously considering moving into the mortgage business. Artificial intelligence appears to be on the cutting edge of being able to apply for and secure a mortgage for individuals just by asking for it.

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