National Association of Realtors Avg Home Listing Up

National Association of Realtors Avg Home Listing – $422K

2016 Facts and Stats

+ The average home in 2016 had 3.287 bedrooms and 2.568 bathrooms and was listed for $412,222.94.

+ The average price is higher than the median price of $250,000, which is the usual metric cited to characterize the condition of the real estate market economic climate.

+ The average price is the sum of all home prices divided by the number of homes.

+ The median is the exact middle if all homes’ prices are listed in ascending (or descending) order.

+ Consequently, the average price reflects the upper reach of the market.

+ The average price in 2016 is 11% higher than in 2015.

+ The average home is sold seven days faster than in 2015 – in just 109 days.

+ The average home is getting both bigger and taller, and with more bedrooms and bathrooms.

+ 2016 has seen fewer first-time buyers due to high competition and low inventory.

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