The Best Real Estate Websites in 2018 Part 1

There are thousands of real estate websites out there, each clamoring for your attention and promising to provide some sort of guidance in the search for the perfect home.

The National Association of Realtors indicates that nearly all home buyers begin their search for their first home or any other home online. This is a significant shift since just 2 years ago (2015) when just 44% of home buyers began their search for a home online first. Now the figure’s nearly 100%.

Judging Real Estate Platforms
Not all platforms are created equal since they all rely upon their own data sources. Some real estate websites give you a lot of reliable information and others simply clutter up the web with their own information with the sole purpose of selling ads or hooking you into a monthly paid subscription.

When beginning your search online and using real estate websites, it is important to not only look at the properties listed, the valuations, and any other information that is provided, but it is equally important for home buyers and home sellers to review the reviews of the site they are viewing. In some cases, what you may think or believe to be a reliable credible real estate website has inaccurate information, dated information, and makes little or no effort to update their data, even if it is corrected by the people who own the property.

Some of the features that home buyers are looking for from a real estate website include:
■ Clean and sleek layout
■ Easy to navigate
■ High-definition pictures
■ A minimum of advertisements
■ A minimum of animations
■ Easy to use with features that help narrow and target your home search

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